Introducing 7bridges

Posted: 26 June 2020

Like many other industries, from banking to construction, supply chains are becoming rapidly digitised. Most CFOs and Chief Supply Chain Officers are operating without real time data and are lacking the tools to build automated logistics processes.

We are always on the lookout for passionate founders who have experienced the problem they’re working to fix. So when a logistics expert (thank you Lenny Picardo from Deliveroo!) introduced us to other logistics experts, Phil and Matei (who were respectively the ex-World Courier Head of Special Projects and ex-IBM Big Data and Analytics Team), we immediately got excited about what they were building.

7bridges has now unveiled their AI-powered optimisation engine, “L.E.O”, to help businesses scale and automate logistics and supply chains. With their first customers (who range from $50m in revenue to >$1bn in annual revenue) they have already had a material impact on their operations by fulfilling their customers’ orders in the most reliable, efficient and sustainable way possible.

The AI-powered platform continuously suggests optimal logistics strategies by simulating and predicting the impact of changes in the supply chain in the context of business constraints and goals (and unlike the real 7 Bridges of Königsberg, there is an actual solution).

The platform’s proprietary technology allows businesses to transform rules-based logistics processes into agile and automated systems that continuously adapt to change. The tech can also empower enterprises to make positive environmental changes by modelling and recommending routes and carriers that reduce carbon footprint, and recommending packaging solutions that significantly decrease waste.

Recently, this has proved invaluable for businesses in retail, ecommerce and healthcare in the US, UK and Germany to react to COVID-19, with the platform enabling fulfilment to continue despite warehouse shutdowns.

We are also excited to announce our partnership with Phil and Matei and our friends at LocalGlobe where we together led a $3.4 seed round. The team were able to bootstrap the business to this point having closed numerous Fortune 2000 clients and this round will be used to enable them to continue building out new core features while building a commercial team to focus on their growing list of international customers.

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