Virtuoso — the first Intelligent Quality Assistance Platform for Agile and Continuous Delivery

Posted: 21 August 2019

In today’s world, where every company is either a software company or one that relies on software to operate, web or mobile web applications serve as the primary means to engage customers. Software has become imperative to any company’s success. Companies are under increasing pressure to accelerate innovation which translates into agile and rapid deployment. This increased software velocity impacts the performance of its end users’ experiences, which in turn can adversely affect its business results.

One of the major areas within software development that has not received a significant attention from entrepreneurs is Quality Assurance (QA).The world’s largest companies including the largest tech companies often outsource QA to specialist onshore~offshore QA services orgs or to the world’s largest SIs or use a mixture of open source tools combined with an existing automation tool — but one that still requires manual intervention.

The very largest tech companies do build QA software and tools in-house but typically it is to address unique requirements — some interesting examples highlighted in this blog post by Georgina Neitzel.

If however “home-brewing” automated QA tools is not something you are entertaining and you instead want a best in class automated and machine learning driven solution, enter Virtuoso by SpotQA.

Virtuoso tests web and mobile web applications to identify bugs, inconsistencies and errors in a fraction of the time taken using manual or traditional automated testing. Using intelligent automation powered by ML and RPA, Virtuoso increases the speed of testing by up to 25 times, bringing down the costs of QA by 80–90%. It also means teams can test earlier in the product life-cycle in order to bring down release times and increase their velocity.

SpotQA was founded by serial entrepreneur Adil Mohammed who was most recently founder and CEO of Fabrily which was acquired by Teespring. Adil, a computer scientist, had lived through the painful process of QA slowing down release cycles, missing bugs and not delivering an error free product to his customers.

We are excited to have led SpotQA’s US$3.25m seed round and to be assisting Adil with building a world-class team in London, Lisbon and the US. SpotQA continues to build on its partnership with some of the world’s largest companies to radically improve their interactions with their own customers.

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