We initially back companies at every stage of Seed with the goal of following our money in subsequent rounds.

Reinventing the enterprise stack

We only invest in companies solving real problems for the enterprise and enterprise workers.


We believe European technology entrepreneurs are building category leading companies delivering industry-defining innovation.

Featured Company

Automation is at the heart of Virtuoso's Intelligent Quality Assistance Platform, bringing down the costs of manual testing and QA processes by 80-90%.
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From MVP to Go-To-Market Fit

We love rolling up our sleeves and work personally with our founders to put in place the foundations for an enduring company that matches their ambition – from refining company culture, to defining a business model, to finding a repeatable commercial model.

With our ambitious portfolio companies, we are committed to our mission: to be the champion of a better work experience for every enterprise employee in the world.

Rav Dhaliwal, Venture Partner

Rav was an early employee at Slack, Zendesk and Yammer, where he built the Customer Success functions and now supports Crane portfolio companies on all things GTM and CS.
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Aneel Lakhani, Advisory Partner

Aneel started as an engineer, found a love for Product Marketing and was the first marketing hire at SignalFx and Honeycomb. Now he supports Crane portfolio companies in the earliest stages of GTM.
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