Build Together

We work alongside founders to build the foundations of their companies, communities, and success. From recruiting that first developer advocate to learning how to sell to enterprises to figuring out how to grow your open source community to knowing when to double down on a feature. We do the work, every day.

Rav Dhaliwal, Venture Partner

Rav was an early employee at Slack, Zendesk and Yammer, where he built the Customer Success functions and now supports Crane portfolio companies on all things GTM and CS.
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Create GTM Leverage

Everyone at Crane—from investors to operating partners to our large network of advisors and founders—have spent decades working with technical founding teams to grow through PMF into scaling their GTM around the world. PMF can be hard, but finding GTM fit is when startups really take off.

Aneel Lakhani, Venture Partner

Aneel started as an engineer, found a love for Product Marketing and was the first marketing hire at SignalFx and Honeycomb. Now he supports Crane portfolio companies in the earliest stages of GTM.
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