Introducing Axiom — Data Solved

Posted: 10 June 2020

Harnessing and unlocking the power of data being produced by every business is a central investment theme for us.

Being able to do so in real time and having it be actionable when the sheer volume of data that needs to be stored, queried and searched makes this an impossible task for all but the best resourced engineering teams.

Engineering and DevOps teams have to be laser-focused on delivering platforms that are easy to maintain, can scale to future requirements, while allowing the business to do more with data.

Enter Axiom, whose recent funding round we led. At Crane, we love partnering with founders who have experienced a major problem first hand and obsess over how to solve it.

This was evident to us from our first meeting with Neil, Seif and Gord — they had made it their mission to provide every enterprise with the answers to the questions that had plagued their own existence in previous roles — why can’t I access and query all of my data at any point in time, why is it so hard to maintain my data infrastructure, why can’t I automate all of the actions I take in response to events?

This burning desire resulted in the founding of Axiom. Axiom is a Data Insight Platform for engineering organizations to store and query all their data all the time in one intuitive interface, without the overhead of maintaining and scaling data infrastructure.

Axiom’s serverless, cloud-native solution removes the limitations on storage and performance created by legacy products designed for log aggregation.

Axiom is the continued collaboration between three friends. Co-founders Neil Jagdish Patel, Seif Lotfy and Gord Allott, have worked together for more than a decade creating products used by millions of developers. Together, they created Xamarin Insights that enabled developers to monitor and analyse mobile app performance in real-time for Xamarin, the open-source cross-platform app development framework. Before working at Xamarin, the co-founders also worked together at Canonical, the private commercial company behind Ubuntu Project.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Axiom who has announced $7m in funding. We are joining existing investors LocalGlobe, Fly VC, Github CEO and Xamarin Founder Nat Friedman, Heroku co-founder Adam Wiggins and new investors Mango Capital and early Zoho and Mimecast employee, Deepak Kumaraswamy in this round.

Axiom — Data, solved.

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