Investing in Fiberplane and enabling the collaborative future of DevOps

Posted: 16 September 2021

Fiberplane is building the collaborative platform for DevOps and SRE teams to resolve incidents faster and create shared knowledge that lives on for the benefit of their future selves. Ultimately, it will become the workbench used every day by the teams who keep our everyday software up and running.

When Micha “Mies” pitched Fiberplane he had written 0 lines of code. But the vision for the company and the future of how engineering teams troubleshoot and resolve incidents was so clear you could touch it. Part of the vision stemmed from his own experiences and frustrations. Seeing these challenges first hand both in the startup world, building Wercker (the OG cloud-native CI/CD company), and in a large company at Oracle, after they acquired Wercker. Part of the vision stemmed from Mies taking a macro view on software development cycles and trends. Collaboration was already the norm when it came to several activities, from design tooling to notetaking and more – yet, when it came to resolving incidents, many different silos met with their different tools at a critical time.

There’s a plethora of DevOps/SRE tooling, from logging and metrics to monitoring and incident resolution. At Crane, we’ve seen countless companies trying to do a slightly better job at any one of these, but it is really hard to break through. Efforts to introduce collaboration in this space tend to include Slack bots, since that’s where people talk. But everyone still uses their own tools. And like everything else in Slack, what we learn just scrolls away into the past. Fiberplane creates a shared environment, a notebook, similar to collaborative content creation in Notion, where everyone can pipe in their own tools and not only resolve the problem faster together—but create a persistent record of how the problem was solved, what got looked at, who did what when, and what we should do when this happens again.


Long gone are the late-nights and $millions wasted trying to remember how the same incident that caused expensive downtime only a couple months ago was resolved.

Everything about Fiberplane fits squarely with what we love doing at Crane. We’re super excited to support Mies and the entire team by leading Fiberplane’s €7.5m seed round along with Notion, Northzone, System.One, Basecase Capital and amazing angels, like the founders of Framer, Koen Bok and Jorn van Dijk.