Stratio raises $12M Series A to power a zero downtime future for 335 million vehicles

Posted: 1 March 2022

In November, Stratio announced the closing of a successful $12M Series A led by Forestay with the participation of us here at Crane.

Since leading their Seed round in 2019, we’ve seen Stratio change gears from finding product market fit to delivering consistent growth to an inflection point that is rapidly accelerating the company’s growth. We are excited to add more fuel to the fire of Stratio’s mission to enable a zero downtime future for fleets and public transport.

Founders Ricardo Margalho and Rui Sales and the brilliant team at Stratio were able to figure out the solution for the trillion-dollar problem of downtime. Their AI platform processes thousands of data points collected from vehicle sensors to predict faults in key components, allowing customers to shift the maintenance paradigm from a reactive to a predictive one.

The game-changing nature of Stratio’s technology is reflected in their client portfolio, which includes 5 of the top 10 transportation companies in the world, like Ford Trucks, Arriva, Keolis, and Go-Ahead. There are 335 million fleet vehicles out there that can get better utilization and provide better service to people out there. Stratio is going to impact all of them, which makes our investment such a clear decision.

Stratio saves millions of people from public transportation delays, postponed deliveries, and late arrival of essential goods every day. We know this Series A will enable them to continue their growth trajectory and allow them to unleash the full potential of a technology that will change transportation as we know it.