The European Enterprise, B2B and Deep Tech Breakout List — COVID-19 Edition

Posted: 28 May 2020

When we first published the Breakout List for Europe four years ago, there were just over 50 companies at varying stages across all sectors. Today, we’re publishing a new list but have focused this on breakout companies building enterprise, B2B and deep tech products in Europe who are actively looking to fill open positions on their teams.

We’ve opted to only feature companies with advertised open positions, hence the list is missing many other fast growing European companies — the simple rationale being to highlight exciting opportunities to the raft of talent coming onto the market as a result of Covid-19 or talented graduates entering the workforce for the first time in this challenging macro climate.

So if you are looking for a new product, engineering, sales, customer success, legal, HR, finance or ops related job at one of the most exciting up and coming tech companies in Europe, please check out The European Enterprise, B2B and Deep Tech Breakout List — COVID-19 Edition.

A special thanks to the following investors for their contributions in compiling this list: Ari Helgason from Index, Ben Blume from Atomico, Chrys Chrysanthou from Kindred, Evgenia Plotnikova from Dawn, Ed Lascelles and Cat McDonald from AlbionMish Mashkautsan and Emma Phillips from Localglobe, Rob Kniaz from Hoxton, Itxaso del Palacio from Notion, and our Crane colleagues Megan Reynolds and Erik Stadigh.

Scott and Krishna

London, May 2020

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