Enterprise Europe 2019

Posted: 29 January 2019

Welcome to our very first edition of Enterprise Europe, a survey of VC-backed founders and senior executives building enterprise software companies in Europe. We were fortunate to have 125 people from seed to Series C and D companies sharing their thoughts on building and scaling their businesses in Europe and internationally.

There is no shortage of reports published every year that capture data on building a tech company in Europe, but given how many new enterprise and deep tech companies are being launched in Europe every year, founders are always asking us about what other enterprise founders are doing at similar stages. This is just the beginning of our efforts to provide more data on how enterprise companies go-to-market and build enduring businesses. The European enterprise ecosystem has never had so much momentum behind it due to a better funding landscape, more experienced talent ready for their second or third startup gig and more innovative corporate customers to help fuel their growth. So please enjoy the findings and share your feedback with our team!

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