FLIGHT 2018: Early stage sales and customer success (3/3)

Posted: 16 January 2019

We recently hosted FLIGHT, our annual event for founders of European intelligent enterprise companies at pre series A stage. The quality of speakers and insights shared at the event was such that we wanted to share this knowledge with the wider European enterprise community.

FLIGHT is solely focused on how to scale the commercial side of an enterprise software business. On stage we had practitioners ranging from early stage founders to experienced founders/execs, sharing experiences and key learnings around early stage GTM, marketing and scaling sales.

In this third post (of a series of three) we share the content from the early stage Sales and Customer Success theme:

  1. Making customers successful (Rav Dhaliwal, Head of Customer Success EMEA, Slack)
  2. Scaling direct sales (James Conway, VP International Sales, HashiCorp)
  3. Sales discipline drives results discipline (Conor Halpin, Founder & CEO, Salesgauge)
  4. How to motivate sales people (Jennifer Bers, VP Sales, Onfido)

The previous posts covered the Go-To-Market and Marketing themes.

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